Solar is The People’s Power

The sun’s energy is within your reach. Solarize Charlotte is your opportunity to take control of your energy bills by installing solar panels on your roof at up to 75% below retail cost. Solarize is a non-profit program that allows you and your neighbors to sign-up to have a certified, local installer inspect your home for solar suitability. The Solarize Model is endorsed by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Solarize Charlotte is a coalition effort to bring cleaner and cheaper electricity to communities in Mecklenburg, Gaston, Union, and Cabarrus Counties. We believe that solar is for everyone. We are working with local contractors, and streamlining the financing and installation process to make solar energy more accessible to homeowners in the Charlotte area.


Benefits of the Solarize program :

  • Info about 35% North Carolina income tax credit and 30% Federal tax credit for solar energy
  • Low interest loans with no money down financing
  • Rapid installation by certified installer
  • Free property assessments to determine solar suitability
  • Limited-time opportunity to participate in a program that is sweeping the state

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